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In the evening, cold wind in the heart of the moon starts to start. Heel smell found in the morning sunshine. These are the coldest inmates. The cold will fall overnight in the cold. And the winter means dry skin. In the winter the skin becomes dry. In winter the moisture decreases in the air. As a result, chills and the dry air clears the skin. Due to the differences in the inside of the house and the outside temperature, the balance of the skin moisture is lost. The skin looks dull So start taking care before the winter comes in the skin.

Regularly clean skin

Due to the variability of the weather, the skin of the skin is closed at this time. The skin takes dry. So it is important to clean regularly. But do not use chemicals soaped. Use moisturizing soap. Wash the face in hot water with the mild face. To protect skin from thermal shock, wash your mouth with a soap-free cleanser for at least two days a week. You can also use the cream clarinet.

Maintain moisture in the skin

Moisturizing the skin in weather patterns is essential. Apply moisturizer to the wet face after washing with water. Use the water binding moisturizer if you want to keep moisturizer all day long. It will protect the skin from the cold air. Dense moisturizer like cream helps keep the skin smooth and smooth.

Regular skin scrubbing

Before the winter, the cells die on the skin. So the skin looks dull, dull. If scrubbing, the dead cells are dropped. The skin can hold more moisture. The moisturizer may enter the skin well. Using small scarred skin, the skin will not be rough. Do not use Alcohol based Toner and Astringent.

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