Lip Care Tips : Solving The Problem Of Lips In All Seasons

lip care

lip care

The beauty of the face depends much on the lip. In addition to the winter, different lip care is needed in all seasons. Not only girls, but boys may also need lip care to understand the type of lip.

Every day the lips should be cleaned with clinking milk. Occasionally you can brush your lips with a brush. It will drop dead cells. Lipstick or coconut oil and apply lipstick on the sun before sun exposure to sunlight.

Just before wrapping in the night, take a lipstick with cream or wet cotton and put it on the vaseline. It is important to remember that bad habits of lip or lip with repeated tongues are a terrible habit. Dismiss as soon as possible.

# In the absence of Vitamin C, the lip corner is broken. Vitamin C can eat food and tablets for this reason. Consult the doctor if needed. Apart from this, it is possible to solve various problems of lip sitting in the house.

Dry lip problem

Use basal or chapstick with all the time to reduce lip dryness. Eat plenty of water. Those who have excessive lip of their lips, add honey, rose and orange juice to the lip every day. Wash after drying.

Sprained Lip Problems

Many times the skin from the lower lip grew. These leathers cannot be hand-picked, but they can be beneficial if using Vaseline.

Blackish lip problem

You can use lip pack for two days a week. Squeeze the milk, honey and mix it with lip and leave it for 20 minutes and remove it with wet cotton. Regular use of lip gloss will be eliminated. Before going to bed, you can put sandalabata on the lips.

Reduce blackness in the lip corner, mixing cucumber and spleen juice can be beneficial for three to four times
a day.

To remove the lip gloss, add some drops of honey and cloth to the Malaysian soil. Wash after 10 minutes.

For smooth lip

To maintain lip polishing, put strawberry cloth, honey and milk together and keep it on the lips. Wash after 20 minutes. To support the softness, add glycerin, olive oil, honey and rose to the lip every 10 minutes and then wash it after massage.

Makeup tips

# Never buy lipstick from any store and lip it. There may be many kinds of diseases on the lips. See if necessary. Always use lipstick or leopold’s.

Keep lipstick freezing all the time.

Clean lip well before lipstick is applied. At first, a little foundation should be applied to the lips. Along with the color of the skin, lip-pencil can apply lipsticks to the lips around the lips.

When planting lipstick, be careful not to leave the lip line.

After adding lipstick put the tissue on the lip and attach the lips. The extra color will come out, and the lipstick will last longer.

# Keep in mind that the line of lipolyner mixes well with lipstick color.

If you want to show thick lips, you will have to draw a line out of the lips. First, drag the parallel line with natural color lip lines. Keep in mind that the edges of the two angles of the lip are the same. Then lipstick paste.

To thicken the lukewarm lip, pull the boundary of the leg-pencil out of the lip line. Cover all the necessary colors.

# Flexible lipstick fatty lipstick with thick lips and dark lipstick fits in excellent lip.

# If there is a problem with the lip, then apply lip balm before placing lipstick. Choose lipstick color depending on the type of clothing, place, ceremony, office and time.

# Another thing to remember is that the color lipstick will admit you at a young age, it may not be as if it is a little bigger. So choose lipstick color according to age.

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