Face Care Tips – Eight elements that do not use in the face

Face Care Tips

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Beautiful skin is the best of all. Many of them have some skin on the skin. From the cosmic to the natural ingredients – everything is in it. However, there are some components, which are more harm than profit. Moreover, it is not right to use them.

Healthy website Healthy Food Team has released a report on this.

1. Vaseline

Vaseline is a superior ingredient to moisten the skin all over the world. Preventing dry skin is beneficial. It can be used for biting of different cuttings or insects. However, do not take the Vaseline face at the time of acne because it can increase acne.

2. Body lotion

Body lotions are made for the body, not for mouth. The skin of the body is thicker than the face skin. Moreover, body lotion was made accordingly.

3. Hot water

Many people like hot water baths or steam baths may prefer. It is not okay to put hot water on your skin. It makes the skin of the skin dry.

4. Toothpaste

Many people use toothpaste to dry acne. However, do not ever do this job. Toothpaste can increase the discomfort of the face and create complex problems. Such as chemical burns, scars, etc.

5. Hydrogen peroxide

If this durable material is cut and burns, it works to protect against infection. However, it is never a functional ingredient in acne treatment. It can make inflammation and allergy.

6. Lemon

The lemon has many healthy qualities. However, it affects the balance of the pH of the face skin. So do not use it on the skin.

7. Baking soda

Many people think that using baking soda is right to remove the skin from the skin. Experts say that its use causes damage to the skin and the skin moisture is wasted. So experts advise not to use baking soda in the mouth.

8. Sugar

Many people use sugar to remove the spot from the skin. However, it does more damage than profit. It reduces the flexibility of the skin. So refrain from using this material on the face. If needed, consult a doctor.

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