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Eye Makeup Tips

Many people are frustrated by the problem of eye brightness. But a little eye makeup and change will brighten your eyes. And if you take a little attention to this, your eyes will increase the beauty of multiplication.

1. Use white eyeliner

Stop a little. Do not make all the makeup together. Keep the white eyeliner dry. Carefully draw outlines in the eyes of a sister colored pencil. A little off-white color will bring brightness to your eye color. It is possible to make your eyes look very bright through the makeup.

2. Cover the Dark Circle

If you have black circles inside your eyes, then it is possible to show your eyes glowing using the right foundation. This is because dark circles will be buried in the mask and will show your eyes bright. That’s why your skin needs to be color-like or very close to the color foundation. It is not possible in other color foundation, and it is very important. The bright eyes will be caught easily.

3. Shimara

Here the glacier is not being talked about. Using your beam is possible to open your eyes! This will increase brightness too. For this, use some Sparkle with your favorite I Shadow Shade. But its dimensions should be in small quantities. Use the bean towards the eyelid and the eyebrows. That’s why a light shade such as Ivory and Pell Pinch will work well.

4. Fix your eyebrow

Many girls love to have full embryo. Again, many girls’ eyebrows look better. If there is a thick eyebrow, its effect can be seen in the eye, and it appears heavy and dark. Instead, brightness will increase in the light of the embryo and will show you differently.

5. On the face of the day pinch blush

You can use a blink of pinky on your face. At the upper part of cheeks, Apple’s touch will not only make your cheeks beautiful, but it also increases your eyesight brightness.

6. Black Eyeliner

Many people will be surprised at this point. Many makeup experts can use the black eyeliner to increase the cheek brightness. The technique here is that a delicate line should be dragged from the inside of the upper and lower leaf. This requires some practice. It may be a little confusing if you start suddenly.

7. Curl the eye petals

Make a little high on the outer side of your eyes. It will show them big and full. It looks like your eyes are open and will look bright. Because of this, you have to curl your petals carefully. Then they should apply mascara better.

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