Top Ten Most Dangerous Places In The World

Here The Most Dangerous Places List

Juarez Valley, Mexico

It is one of the most dangerous places in this world.

At First, the Juarez Valley is a 40-mile stretch

of cotton fields and ghost towns it runs

along the Rio Grande and is just a few

steps away from the 18-foot fence of the

US border dubbed the murder valley it

holds the title of the world’s most

dangerous place the town which used to

have 60,000 members of its community now

has around 5,000 surviving residents

which live in fear run by the cartels

the streets are known for being

regularly decorated with drugs blood and

corpses Juarez Valley averages 160

murders per 100,000 residents annually

the murder rate is incredibly high not

only due to the normality of crime but

also due to the fact that cartels are

fighting over each other for control of

the territory the majority of the shops

have been closed for good with

gravestones lining the streets in

remembrance of those who have been

killed the buildings are full of gang

graffiti a lot of them markers of how

many have been murdered on the marked

spots serving as warnings to others the

entire town looks like a scene from a

horror movie poverty stricken full of

ruins with the townspeople too afraid to

leave their own homes whoever does dare

to walk outside is more than likely to

end up being killed tortured or

kidnapped the police officers who were

sent to intervene have been executed in

2009 and for fear of the wretchedness of

the place they have never been replaced.

Yungas Road, Bolivia

one of the few routes which connect the

Amazon rainforest with the capital of

that area of Bolivia is a road with a

quite discouraging name known as the

death Road the road was built by

Paraguayan prisoners in the 1930s and it

underwent modernization about 20 years


beginning at fifteen thousand four

hundred feet and taking the lives of

approximately three hundred people a

year it’s quite surprising to find out

that the death Road is one of Bolivia’s

greatest tourist attractions

adrenaline seekers seem to be drawn to

the deadly route considered the world’s

most dangerous stretch of road the 40

mile journey offers stunning views of

the rolling hills of the Amazon

rainforest but is quite a feat for a

mountain biker to undertake it comes

with a terrifying sheer drop into the

canopy as two rubber tires separate the

rider from a narrow single lane road

with very little in the way of railings

the thrilling downhill ride has taken 18

mountain biking enthusiasts lives in the

last 10 years.


the North Anatolian fault

is an active fault and quite a

threatening one since the 1930s

devastating earthquakes have been moving

westward throughout the land

the last big earthquake struck in 1999

with a 7.9 magnitude temblor devastating

the city of Ismet the death toll was a

staggering number of 45,000 the fact

that the wave of earthquakes is creeping

westward is very worrying because the

fault stretches 20 kilometers south of

Istanbul the largest city in Turkey

Istanbul is the country’s economical

cultural and historical heart with a

population of fourteen point four

million people Istanbul is not only

significant for Turkey but for the world

as it is the world’s fifth largest city

and the fault makes it one of the most

dangerous places to live scientists

expect that the next earthquake will

shake the ground dangerously close to

the city with the possibility of

triggering a series of small to moderate

quakes, however, studies show that it’s

also possible the fault will create just

one big devastating shift in the ground

which could be the end of Istanbul and

the death of millions.

Lake kivu

one of Africa’s Great Lakes Lake kevo is

located along the border between the

Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda

stretching across 2,700 square miles the

lake covers dangerous secrets below it

there are 2.3 trillion cubic feet of

methane gas alongside 60 cubic miles of

carbon dioxide trapped beneath the lake

under the pressure of the water and the

earth if the gases were to be released

from their trap, they would spread a

lethal cloud over the whole area meaning

certain death for over two million

Africans settled in the basin of Lake

kevo in the 1980s two similar African

lakes released their toxic gases and

resulted in the deaths of over a

thousand people scientists are concerned

that the same fate awaits the residents

of the lake kevo area as it has similar

chemical composition the deadly toxins

are caused by volcanic activities taking

place hidden away underneath the massive


San Pedro Sula, Honduras

San Pedro Sula is a city in

Honduras located not far from the

Caribbean Sea with an estimated

population of 1 million it is the second

largest city in Honduras however the

city sadly has a negative reputation in

2013 it has taken the title of the most

dangerous city on the planet

stripping Mexico’s murder valley of the

title that same year upon claiming the

title of the most violent place on the

planet the city had seen 187 homicides

per 100,000 residents the city is a

major operational and strategic point

for distribution of drugs and arms with

significant gang activity it is the

center of trafficking providing the rest

of the country with its 70% of illegal

firearms which in turn result in the 83

percent of the homicides labeled the

murder capital of the world

San Pedro Sula is a place where tomorrow

is always an uncertainty.

Ilha Da Queimada Grande,

You Can,t Imagine How Dangerous place This Is!

if you venture

about 90 miles off the coast of South

Paulo Brazil you will likely come across

a small chunk of uninhabited

and called yadi Kumada grande this

island is, in fact, one of the deadliest

islands in the world also known as snake

island it is home to one of the most

dangerous and poisonous snakes on the

planet the golden lancehead Viper local

legends say that there are as much as

five snakes per square meter but in

reality there are about 2,000 of them on

this four hundred thirty thousand square

meter island still walking through it is

more dangerous than a minefield it is

said that the stark and potent venom of

the Viper slowly paralyzes and liquefies

the insides of the prey but it has yet

to be proven as no one bitten has ever

lived long enough to be admitted to a

hospital the sole inhabitant of this

island was a lighthouse keeper who ran

out of food and disappeared while trying

to gather some bananas according to

legend the members of his search party

mysteriously vanished one by one lost in

the wilderness civilians are banned from

the island monitored by the Brazilian

Navy and the rules are bent very rarely

for the sake of scientific research.

Mount Hua, China

Boss Of Most Dangerous places

situated in the Huyen city mount hua is

known for its beautiful views and vistas

but also dangerous and deadly paths

considered a holy place mount hua is one

of China’s great five mountains monks

and pilgrims made paths and staircases

as ways to climb the mountains in order

to reach the five peaks

however, the climb is not for the

faint-hearted the mountain is considered

the most dangerous climb in the world

with time the paths have been reinforced

because of the incline in tourists

venturing out and seeking

adrenaline-inducing adventures but this

mountain still remains one of the most

difficult sites to conquer on earth the

plague trail consists of wooden

platforms a bit over two feet wide

bolted onto the mountainside and the

only thing to secure oneself to it is an

iron chain which hovers freely in the

air and when the planks disappear the

only way to continue is by crossing

steps on small divots carved into the

mountain, unfortunately, there are no

exact statistics as to how many people

died while on this path but with local

rumors naming about a hundred

per year the hike on hua Shan surely

lives up to its name the deadliest hike

in the world.

Danakil Desert,Ethiopia

The Other Name Of Dangerous Place

the Danakil depression lies

at the heart of Ethiopia’s ancient salt

trade where Ethiopians have been making

the long two-day Trek to collect the

salt for centuries collecting it from

the golden earth and bringing them back

on camels one of the hottest and

harshest environments in the world the

Sun in salt create amazing Sun blazed

scenery making the desert seem as if it



were created out of white gold the

swirling sulfur and mineral salt

formations create otherworldly scenery

creating an outlandish setting one of

the lowest places on the planet

the Dead Akhil desert rarely sees rain

and is one of the hottest spots on earth

where rivers dry up and turn into lakes

of salt with magma crater lakes on its

edges products of active volcanoes the

desert proves to be an extreme challenge

to human beings trying to cross it.

The Maya complex, Russia

The Maya complex was an area in Russia which

served as secret headquarters for

nuclear research and development most of

the workers in the underground

facilities were prisoners who agreed to

work in such conditions in exchange for

a lesser sentence they were accompanied

by leading Soviet nuclear scientists

still, none of them survived to see

freedom as no one could survive such

high-level radiation for more than five


the miok experiment was the source of

many nuclear disasters the research

proved lethal for the residents of the

24 villages along the banks of the river

as the radioactive waste had been dumped

into the river which was the source of

drinking water for the villagers for six

entire years in 1957 a radioactive waste

containment sector failed and exploded

the toxins affecting over 250,000 people

in the area, the people were evacuated

only ten days later after being already

exposed by 1959 every tree within a 12

mile radius was dead all of this was

covered up by the government leaving the

people clueless to the lethal dangers

they were living beside.

Camden NJ

based on the

number of

violent crimes per 1000 residents and

taking into account how many of those

have needed the involvement of the FBI

Camden has taken the title of the most

dangerous city in the USA Camden is

situated in the state of New Jersey on

the east coast of the Delaware River in

the past year Camden has seen 1895

violent crimes taking into account

murder rape robbery and aggravated

assault this might not sound like a

great amount of crimes when compared to

some other big cities for example

Camden’s neighbor across the river

philadelphia has seen seventeen thousand

eighty-eight violent crimes last year

however, the key element that needs to be

taken into consideration

is the population of the city which

consequently leads to the average number

of violent crimes per 1000 which in

Camden soars over the national average

of 3.8 violent crimes per 1,000 people

with 25.6 six more than six times the

national average this all leads to the

conclusion that the chances of you

becoming a victim of a violent crime is

one in thirty-nine.

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