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Best Beauty Advice For You

what’s up guys I’m going to show you how
to look amazing on your graduation day
because everyone’s going to be taking
pictures with you and you gots to look
hot no pressure but I’m going to show
you how to look awesome so let’s get
started okay we’re going to start with
skincare so for nice smooth skin I
recommend exfoliating first before
anything else exfoliating is a nice way
to really just smooth out your skin get
rid of all the dead skin cells and also
if you have fine lines or wrinkles it’s
a great way to just polish everything
out we’re getting rid of all the
dullness and we’re scrubbing it out
start around the center of your face
first work around the nose really get in
there because that’s where a lot of the
sebum and the clogged pores are out our
writer on your nose but then around the
corners of your mouth and right around
the chin area to try to avoid the eye
area because it’s really sensitive you
don’t really need to exfoliate it and
whatever you have leftover on your
fingers use the rest to exfoliate your

forehead remember you don’t wan


best beauty

t to overexfoliate the forehead because it’s

going to dry out just focus mainly on
the center of your face and workout
because I’m wearing a dress I can’t
really do this but I recommend also
exfoliating down your neck and decollete
okay so I just washed my face perfectly
clean see how smooth my skin is so after
this I recommend using a really nice
mask layer this over freshly exfoliated
skin so you can really get in there and
pull out all the dirt and excess oil um
so I recommend using a nice exfoliating
peel off mask this one is called hey
honey hey honey I don’t know if you can
see it here hey honey take it off it’s
really beautiful exfoliating honey mask
I’ve been loving it which is why I’m
including it in a maze FC bag right here
so hopefully if you have this bag you
can get this mask


it’s amazing the best part is that it’s
there’s honey and honey has natural
healing properties it’s amazing for the
skin because it’s also a natural
antibiotic so squeeze a little out and
start right on a center again
wipe out go to the forehead and work
your way down okay now we’re going to
play the waiting game
um but during this time I recommend
drinking a lot of water because if
you’re exfoliating your skin and your
using a peeling mask it might remove a
little bit of moisture from your skin so
make sure to rehydrate your skin by
drinking lots of water after using any
exfoliant or peeling mask oh I can’t
smile hello there welcome earthlings
like a music video I think we should be
good you’re going to know when it’s done
when you can just go around the edges of
the mask and see if you can kind of peel
it off and you see this area right here
just around the edge of the mask if you
can kind of peel a little bit of the
edge that’s when you know it’s finished
so go ahead and Christian Bale style

like American Psycho

I’m sure anyways good look at this ah
so whatever you have left over on your
face just rinse it off and we’re going
to move on to the next step
all right so I just washed off my face
so it’s really nice and squeaky clean um
if your skin feels really dry after
using an exfoliator or a peeling mask
it’s perfectly normal
don’t freak out so it’s really crucial
to use moisturizer after any exfoliant
or peeling mask and I’m using here a
really nice natural night cream all
right now I’m just going to moisturize
my face so I like to take my moisturizer
and rub it together to warm it up
between my fingers to help break down
the products you have a nice even
application so once you have it nice and
warmed up just go ahead and Pat it on
your face don’t like go in and I grow it
on just go in and
it on your face like this first signs of
aging shows up around your eyes and neck
area so don’t neglect the neck perfect
bring it on to the next step all right
so the next step is important for those
who are graduating outdoors it’s really
crucial to have sunscreen at least SPF
35 and this one here is sans tan it’s a
pure white mineral sunscreen really nice
to have and it’s also natural too which
is really nice for your skin rub it
between your fingers to break down the
product so you have a nice even
application there’s different types of
sunscreens you have physical and
chemical sunscreen the one I’m using
here is a physical size for you so don’t
be scared if your face looks super white
like this you’re using a zinc oxide
sunscreen which is a physical sunscreen
it’s going to help give you amazing
protection all right so I’m going to
wait for my sunscreen to settle in and
bomb up my lips I’m using here olive
lips it’s a nice olive oil rosemary lip
balm super natural and really hydrating
okay alright let’s move on to face
makeup I’m going to be using here a face
primer you want to make sure your makeup
can last as long as possible especially
during graduation so make sure to prime
your face

moving on

you can either use foundation
or concealer to help even out your
complexion I’m going to use a little bit
of foundation but mostly concealer for
this look so if you get to love me for
me powder compact you get a
complimentary free full size foundation
that comes with it alright just a little
bit of foundation as all I really need
and then the rest is really just going
to be concealer again starting around
the center of the face just go in and
even out any any blemishes or redness
around the nose for me I get a lot of
redness around the nose because of acne
and also I break out a lot under my chin
area because of stress so if you’re
breaking out a lot around the chin area
most likely it’s hormonal acne alright
so I’m going to conceal my under eye
circles and I think that’s really all I
really need to conceal at this point so
I’m using here the great cover-up
concealer by my own makeup line and I’m
going to cover up my dark circles
it’s really important to blend down
towards the neckline because you don’t
want your face to be super white and the
rest of your body to be dark perfect
alright from here just powder up and
let’s move on to the next step brows
frame to face and on a day when your
face will be the star of the show take
your time when filling them in be sure
to choose a shape that follows your

natural brow

shape you want soft
feathery strokes you don’t want your
brows to look as if they’re drawn on and
you want to use a spoolie brush to blend
out any harsh marks and lines now time
for eye shadow I’m using here my sahara
nudes palette neutralize the lids with
the nude shade and then take a soft
taupe color or brown color and define
the outside corner of your lids working
your way in use the same shadow color as
you contour through the inner eye corner
and down the sides of the nose easy
alright next choose your go-to smudge
proof eyeliner I’m using the one I made
here called the water liner it comes
with a built-in sharpener a sharpen
liner is the best way to get the most
precise and defined edge so just line
the upper lashes winging out towards the
edges then very quickly before the
formula dries smudge the line to soften
it and after it dries it should be budge
proof and now just brighten your eyes
with a yellow gold eyeliner I’m using
here sunshine yellow and just line along
the bottom waterline this will give your
eyes that nice pop awesome okay so my
eye makeup this foam is finished
just wanted to let you guys know how
important it is to look like yourself
when you’re graduating I know this
makeup is really natural-looking and
simple but there’s nothing better than
timeless beauty and you want to look
like yourself when you’re graduating I
think simple makeup beautiful glowing
skin is perfect for graduation you don’t

really need

anything more
and I’m going to show you guys how I
curl my lashes without a lash curler
because I actually forgot my lash curler
so I take my fingers and I warm it up a
little so I rub my fingers together like
this with your index finger go in and
lift up your lashes and kind of press
against the lid it’s a go up and press
against your lashes and you’re kind of
crimping your lashes when you’re doing
this and it’s not as effective as a lash
curler of course but this will make do
it’s like you’re giving your eyeballs a
massage okay so my lashes are curled I
don’t know if you can tell but they’re
much more crimped and perky looking all
right so I’m gonna add mascara okay so
I’m just going to mascara my lashes up
so just call your lashes apply generous
coats of mascara just go in and zigzag
up kind of lift them up lift up the
lashes most likely you’re probably going
to cry on graduation day because it’s
beautiful day but really emotional
unless you’re not going to cry or you’re
wearing waterproof mascara I would avoid
using a mascara on the lower lash line
alright we’re going to move on to
bronzer so I’m using here this really
cool too faced chocolate soleil bronzer
so with your brush just loaded up with a
bronzer using a powder brush or a blush
can oak wrap yeah that’s only know don’t
wonder if it tastes like chocolate
I think this tastes like chocolate okay
so with your bronzer go in and sculpt
brush out first and then brush in and it
smells like chocolate find the natural
shadows on your face the natural
contours on your face and intensify it
blot it down brush out and then brush in
and then from here it looks straight in
the mirror and kind of see where the
bronzer lies all right so I think we’re
good now if you really want a nice
sunkissed glow

take the bronzer

again and add it along
the forehead and just go down along the
sides of your face and right on the jaw
line this will help give you a slimmer
look so when you take a picture your
face won’t look so wide it’s gonna look
slimmer alright I look nice and toasty
so next step really simple just finish
off with your favorite lipstick lip
color lip balm I’m going to use this
matte lip balm by Revlon I’ve been
loving it color bruise I don’t know if
you guys have ever tried Revlon’s color
burst it’s awesome it’s a nice matte
balm it’s a cute little chubby stick
chubby stick ahh I just go in and call
it on your lips off like Buddha great
okay I promise we’re almost finished two
more steps hair don’t neglect your hair
you want your hair to look beautiful and
shiny I’ve been adding so much oil to my
hair every night just right at the ends
right here so I’ve been using oil on my
hair every single night and honestly my
hair has been looking super healthy so
I’m using here this hair oil by balanced
guru a few is enough I’m just going in
trap it on the palm of your hands like
so and while it’s in your head rub it
all over the palms of your hands and I
just go in and as if you’re combing your

hair comb through

your hair and really
focus on the ends to taper it out
because you really want to get at the
ends of your hair because this is where
all the damage is happening you’re
curling your hair or straighten it so
the ends they’re taking quite a beating
the ends of your hair used to be all the
way up here probably three years ago so
it’s really old and you have to nourish
the ends of your hair you can already
see a difference between adding oil I
mean it’s amazing so I recommend using
hair oil on your hair on graduation day
because it’s going to look beautiful
when you take pictures and whatever is
leftover on your hands I like to add it
on my body gives like a really nice
shine moving on to the final step
fragrance you want to leave a lasting
impression when you’re hugging someone
whatever smells good makes you feel good
spray it on as of lately I’ve been using
Calvin Klein’s and les euphoria what I
like to do is I like to take my perfume
and spray the air and then just walk
through it and if you’re like me I like
taking my fragrance to go so here’s a
cute little version of the endless
euphoria it’s so small look at it I’ve
been loving roller balls I think they’re
a fun way to add fragrance in your life
you just roll it on your wrist and don’t
rub it together press it like this
roller balls you get better precision
where you’re adding your fragrance so
you can add it on the neck on the crease
of your legs and the crease of your arm
the reason why you do that is because
heat comes from this area and what the
heat does is that it heats up the
fragrance and it lifts it up so that

people can

smell it better
now I don’t know that’s true but I’ve
been doing that all my life works for me
so hopefully it works for you so I’m
pretty much ready for graduation
congratulations to the class of 2014 so
proud of you guys this is the day for
you to celebrate walk firmly walk
proudly hold your head up high you
worked so hard to earn this degree those
endless nights of losing sleep stress
going to school waking up early and
making all those sacrifices to earn this
degree you deserve it so proud of you
guys my sister is also graduating this
year Christine I’m so proud of you I
love you I can’t wait to see you
graduate I’m probably going to cry so
I’m going to make sure I wear waterproof
mascara all right my dream chasers I
love you so much I’m so proud of you so
on your graduation day smile be happy
don’t be scared
be bold be fearless and of course good

luck love you

the common in many academic institutions
the honorary degree at Ringling College
especially because of this given to
recognize an individual who is one
passionate about the arts education and
creativity to one who has Drive
initiative and innovative spirit three
someone who has been blessed with
success and for someone who symbolizes
creativity at work Ringling College
honorary degree recipients must also
have a tropic spirit and willingness to
celebrate his or her accomplishments by
giving back to others to make the world
a better place those are all traits that
we love to see in our Ringling College
referenced very pleased that we’ve been
able to have this Michelle bond to
attending Ringling College is an
illustration major 2006 through 2009 as
our honorary degree recipient today
because she exemplifies those traits now
as noted in the program
Michelle is accomplished so much during
her young life she is an archer Archer

to nerado minimus

a youtube sensation co-founder of her
own cosmetics line Emma executive
producer of the multi-channel network
fun yep aw n not pH am ma FA WM for all
women and once the beauty social network
gypsy comm Michelle is taking her talent
and artistic skills she first developed
at Ringling to revolutionize the way
brands are made and how consumers
interact with products combining her
love and passion for art with her
business acumen and natural innovation
she has demonstrated her spirit of
creativity and her drive for
professional success aside from her many
corporate endeavors she is using her
burgeoning career success to focus on
philanthropy and improve the lives of
others around the world she’s been
involved with a number of social causes
most recently with loved one for six
organization committed to ending child
trafficking and exploitation so we are

years after noon

to bestow upon her the
honorary doctorate of Arts degree in
business of art design college of
artists on behalf the Board of Trustees
of Brenda college of art design we
hereby confer upon you the shelf on the
degree Doctor of Arts in the business of
art design honoris causa I give you this
diploma which are placing your hands
symbolizing the fact that you have the
rights privileges and responsibilities
of pertinent to this distinctive honor
ladies and gentlemen please welcome our
newest alumni Michelle
words can’t express how I’d like to
thank all the people who supported my
dreams my mother my family friends my
online family and the love of my life
you were there all weekend and I can’t
wait to continue this journey with you
I’d like to also thank the school and
the trustees for recognizing my
achievements and giving me the knowledge
that is part of the foundation to my

career thank you

there’s this French saying that I found
was so beautiful that I’d like to share
with you and it goes a creative adult is
a child that survived to all the 2014
graduates your inner turmoil never faded
you are not only graduates affliction
divers you are given these gifts to
inspire and heal the world the starving
artist is not hungry persons but hungry
to create not just creating art for
creating an opportunity for yourself
open new doors exploring in town and
pave your way seriously let’s change the
way people
the term starving artist instead an
artist who is always hungry to create
their own destiny not so long ago
Ringling gave me the tools and window of
opportunity to explore different outlets
for my creativity that tool in window
happened to be a laptop art was no
longer limited to a canvas as I knew it
the digital space is my new canvas there
are no rules to art and creation
artistry is a constant practice of
creating and experimenting without
bounds so don’t just create art create
an opportunity for yourself my best
advice to you is to be confident
fearless and to take a chance on
yourself failure it’s only a stepping

stone to success

ask yourself from time to time to do you
work to live or live to work as long as
you keep that passion line you will be
living to work to create to share with
others in to empower and inspire the
future generations live the dream good luck

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